The Extent Series - Limited Edition printing of Wheel, a borderless textless play test version of Wheel of Fortune.

Extent: The space or degree to which a thing extends; length, area, volume, or scope

The Extent Series is intended to expand and grow and make available playtest versions of cards that might otherwise be out of fiscal range for some players.

This limited edition offering features borderless edge-to-edge art and each is hand numbered. Limited to 20.

Small batch printed professionally on premium card stock. These cards look, feel, and play exactly as you the player expect them to.

The QR code scans to show you the official version of the card for ease of use during gameplay.

Art by Josiah Cameron- JosiahCameronArt.com

Digital image used, these may not be sanctioned tournament legal cards but they are perfect for Cube, EDH, Vintage, Legacy, and more.

The full Limited Edition lineup